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Worker power in the tech industry

Guided by our vision for an inclusive & equitable tech industry, TWC organizes to build worker power through rank & file self-organization and education.

Who we are

We are a coalition of workers in and around the tech industry, labor organizers, community organizers, and friends.

Why we organize

We organize for activism, civic engagement and education in the Bay Area, Seattle, across the United States and around the world.

Who we support

We work in solidarity with existing movements towards social justice, workers' rights, and economic inclusion.

How we work

We’re a democratically structured, all-volunteer, and worker-led organization. At this point, membership consists of attending meetings in person and working on the various projects that people are interested in. We organize online but IRL is the crux of what we do. Check out our Community Guide for more info.

Check out a meeting

We currently have regular meetings in Austin, Berlin, Boston, DC, LA, London, NYC, PDX, San Diego, Seattle, SF Bay Area, and South Florida.

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Contact us

We’re also happy to chat, answer any questions you might have, or hear about any social justice efforts in which you need a partner. Send us an email.

If you’re a member of the press, please get in touch with us through press@techworkersco.org.