Take Action on May Day

In full solidarity with a diverse alliance of community organizations and workers associations, the Tech Workers Coalition joins in the call for a Day of Action on May Day, 2017.

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Ditch work and hit the streets

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Meet the Tech Workers Coalition

We are a coalition of workers in and around the tech industry, labor organizers, community organizers, and friends. We are organizing for activism, civic engagement and education in the Bay Area. We work in solidarity with existing movements towards social justice, workers rights, and economic inclusion.

How We Work

You are welcome to check us out at our monthly organization meeting in San Francisco.

We communicate and organize every day on Slack. Read our community guide and join our Slack.

Interested in organizing a group of like-minded coworkers, or want your coworker group to get connected with others? We hold a weekly office hours call where you can connect with other workers in tech who are interested in social justice and can share organizing experiences.

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