Worker power in the tech industry

Guided by our vision for an inclusive & equitable tech industry, TWC organizes to build worker power through rank & file self-organization and education.

Looking for a Tech Worker Union?

While TWC is strongly affiliated with several unions around the world, and counts many union members and organizers in our ranks, we are not a union ourselves. If you're interested in unionizing, we can help! If you're curious what is out there, check out this (rough) list of active and ongoing labor efforts in both tech and adjacent industries.

Who we are

We are a coalition of workers in and around the tech industry, labor organizers, community organizers, and friends.

Who we support

We work in solidarity with existing movements towards social justice, workers' rights, and economic inclusion.

How we work

We’re a democratically structured, all-volunteer, and worker-led organization. At this point, membership consists of attending meetings in person and working on the various projects that people are interested in. We organize online but IRL is the crux of what we do. Check out our Community Guide for more info. Join the Slack to connect with a local in your area.

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We’re also happy to chat, answer any questions you might have, or hear about any social justice efforts in which you need a partner. Send us an email.

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Recent Newsletter articles

Issue 11: Tech Work Under the Pandemic - Materials Engineer

Today we talk with Isabella R., nanomaterials engineer and a Midwesterner who lives in the Seattle area. Until recently, she worked on VR headsets at Facebook Reality Labs, but the pandemic and her contracting arrangement created a hierarchy of safety and control. And having previously worked at a legacy ‘tech’ company with excellent compensation and benefits for all employees, Isabella found Facebook’s arrangement less that satisfactory. She believes the path to a better future includes fighting for racial and climate justice, and increasing accessibility and representation in tech and higher education.

Recent Collective Actions by Tech Workers

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Several of YouTube's employees raised concerns that a music video on the website, "Meet the Flockers" by YG, promotes racism towards Asian Americans. The video details a burglary and calls for targeting Chinese communities according to press reports. The employees requested that the company's Trust and Safety team pull the video from the site, which the company declined to do in a statement. [1][2]

Workers for Mobilize have formed a union that is part of the CODE-CWA movement. Mobilize is owned by political tech company EveryAction. One hundred percent of eligible Mobilize workers voted to join the union after it was voluntarily recognized by EveryAction management. The union was created as a result of the EveryAction acquisition. Employees were negotiating new contracts and wanted to negotiate certain clauses collectively. [1]

Recent mentions in the Press

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Interview on tech unions and Wikipedia via Netzpolitik [1]

Voices From the Valley Is a Snapshot of the Tech Industry, as Told By Workers Themselves via Jacobin [1]