Examine our current structures of care and explore how to build stronger models rooted in community and rest. Learn about the importance of care, and how it can be effective method of organizing as well.

Session #5 Wielding Power

POWERING ON is a political education and organizing program for tech workers put together by the Tech Workers Coalition (TWC). This is a 6-week program for tech workers to build conceptual frameworks for analyzing the tech industry’s relationship to global structures of oppression and develop concrete strategies for organizing. Mandatory registration with Zoom

POWERING ON will begin on April 2, meeting every Tuesdays at 5pm PT / 8pm ET. The program is designed to build on each week, so consecutive attendance is ideal, but not required. We’ll be meeting virtually.

  1. Winning Power (May 7 @ 5pm pt / 8pm et) - What does a “win” look like in organizing?
  2. Nurturing Power (May 14 @ 5pm pt / 8pm et) - How do we take care of each other?